Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Reggie! Reggie!

Back in March when the Saints signed Drew Brees I purchased season tickets. I'm so happy that I did, as it has been a magical season--a distraction that we desperately needed here in New Orleans. I'll never forget seeing their return to the Superdome with my buddy Howie, or seeing with my daughter Reggie Bush's first touchdown on a punt return. I had the privilege of taking my son Gilgamesh to his first football game. Last Sunday Therese and I went, and Reggie had his NFL breakout game with four touchdowns. He was running hard. Several times everyone in the dome repeated the chant "Reggie! Reggie!" Afterwards Reggie Bush said the following:
Obviously it was great to hear the fans chanting my name. Our whole season is dedicated to the City of New Orleans. Everybody who lived in New Orleans or is from New Orleans that went through Hurricane Katrina last year, it's really at the end of the day about them. Because we know, obviously, if we win, that's going to give them something to be proud of.

They have four games left, and if they just win two of them, they'll be in the playoffs. Every Sunday I have more and more faith.

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