Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mid-Term Elections

I voted today. Mid-terms. It was nothing like two years ago, when I was so crushed that people in my country would vote for Bush and the Republicans. I was so upset that I vowed to stop driving my car to work, as I reasoned that this country's dependence on oil was a major factor in making the world a more horrible place. I've been walking and biking ever since. Of course, that was a bigger statement in some ways when I had a car parked on the street in front of my home. But alas, that car got Katrina'd, so now there's not much option. I could buy another car I guess... But back to the election. I don't feel so emotionally involved in this one. First, I have no confidence in the electronic voting machines, so why get emotionally involved? But more important, after Katrina none of this seems to matter much. If Democrats take the house, many of them are in the middle and things will continue as is. If by some chance they take both houses, then I am still not sure how that will effect me. I also think that if that happens there will still be US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for the next several years. But I guess deep down I would like to see a strong vote against incumbants to send the message that people are not happy with the way the country is going. I haven't been happy with the way the country has been going my entire adult life, and that is especially true for the past 6 years. At least I'm not scheduled to hunt with Cheney today, I have that going for me. I'm looking forward to watching the returns, and especially the Daily Show/Colbert Report analysis.


Anonymous said...

You friggin' liberal! I know where you live. I'd kick your butt if I wasn't afraid that the cool guy on the scooter would intervene.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even get my head together to vote. I'm feeling a little Apathetic Remorse, meaning I wish I hadn't been too depressed to get out of bed, change my drivers license, and get registered.

I'm back to driving to work everyday, where I used to ride my bike. I got to take control and get back to my natural, vital, republican hating self.