Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More on Allstate's Screwups

Today a public adjustor named Mike Sanicola is going to come see our house. We're trying to get Allstate to pay us our claim without having to hire attorneys, and we think a public adjustor is the way to go for now. So we'll have to hire our own structural engineer to come see our house and make his/her report. But we noticed something pretty amazing in the cover letter to the Haag engineer's report. Those were the guys hired by Allstate who said that it wasn't windy enough during Katrina to make a house lean. On the cover letter denying payment, Allstate writes that they are denying our claim because "We do not insure a loss directly or indirectly caused by a flood that is already in progress at the time and date: 1. the policy begins; or 2. coverage is added at your request." It seems they think we tried to add flood insurance during the storm, though we had flood insurance with Allstate for many years before Katrina. The engineers also have a picture of a door in their report that does not belong to our house. Elsewhere they call the damaged structure "The Wilson house," so maybe the door belongs to the Wilsons? In any event, our ongoing battle should ultimately be made easier by Allstates numerous screw-ups.

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