Thursday, December 15, 2005

Quick Update from New Orleans

Therese and I are in New Orleans. We've been here for about five days. It's been difficult and depressing. We learned we can't get electricity restored in our house and that most people think we'll have to bulldoze the property and build from scratch. Raise our house or raze it, that is the question. So we focused on plumbing. We thought if we could get hot water we could live there. The biggest problem was the vent for our new tankless hot water system. We're hoping to meet with the plumber today, check the pressure in the gas lines, and then meet with a city inspector sometime soon. If all that goes OK, then maybe in a few weeks an Entergy employee will come turn on our gas. It will have cost about $2500 in the end to get hot water. I've never had a $2,500 shower, but I'm looking forward to it. Finally, we have new cell phones. My number is 504 377-7284. Therese's number is 504 377-7272. She got the cooler number.

Blogged from Rue de la Course coffee shop, because the New Orleans wireless network sucks.

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Anonymous said...

New Orleans wireless network sucks, can you elaborate on that?