Wednesday, November 02, 2005




Anonymous said...

So, Dr. Homan,

Why, when I first saw this picture, did I think that Bush and Daddy Bush were really fishing in Downtown New Orleans? That's some good editing. I think that pic is from right after the 2000 election and when Gore was suing the world, and Bush went fishing in Florida. Haha. Sorry you're stuck in Nebraska in a cold basement. Can you work on the claim outside? Or is it too cold? I went to New Orleans this past weekend, and XU looked pretty good from my quick drive around campus. The East though...the East is a different story. My dad and I checked out my grandma's house, and, well personally, I'd burn it down, clear the rubble and start over. I'd do that with much of the East actually. Ah well, I guess I'll see you in January. Even though you feel bad, Katrina and her ongoing aftermath are not your fault, so congratulations on being offered a contract at Xavier.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Homan,

There are a few posts on Xavier's layoff. Here is the link: Xavier message board.