Saturday, July 16, 2005

More Stupidity in Dixie

It seems that someone decided that money raised from Choose Life license plate tags in Mississippi should not be used for adoption when the parents are Catholic according to this website. Being adopted, and Catholic, I find all of this absurd.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Homan Curiousity drives this question. I was raised roman catholic all my life. I was taught that the priest, confession and penance were only avenues to which we seek forgiveness from God, and also that confession is a way of focusing our attention on the sins that we have committed and the priest is merely a channel. As a theologist, is it logical to believe that confession is objected in the bible? And I wish to say that i disagree with janet's view that you would be slanted in your work of the bible. If the other writer's of the Bible for Dummies were atheist would she then add a new slant to her disposition. You certainly don't ever have a problem taking a few jabs at the church for its certain faults. Lastly the idea of denying a person a normal life because of their background, race or religion is a thought pattern that is shared by those of times that do not shed a beautiful light on American or world history (i.e. slavery and the Holocaust Sincerely a former student Nichole Gu