Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Zeitah Day Two.5

I'm pretty exhausted. Today was our first day of getting up at 4 AM. We had cleared weeds yesterday, and today we had to do a bit more clearing, but mostly we swept and cleaned the three old 10mX10m squares on top of the tel. THey looked pretty good, save for a few baulk collapses. Tomorrow we should begin excavating until the new sand bags arrive. I keep sneezing as the allergies from weed clearing and breathing dust is not so easy. We have a fairly small crew, and it seems as if about six or seven will be working in my square up on top of the tel dealing with the Iron II material. Kalypso seems to be enjoying her time on the kibbutz, and she has been pretty good in the field so far. You can read more about her experiences here. Roy, my student from Xavier, has been doing a great job. These first two days are always the hardest. I'm off to pottery washing.
And Some dig photos
P6131759.JPG P6121741.JPG P6131765.JPG KalypsoPool.JPG

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