Thursday, May 19, 2005

Some Old Songs Resurrected

In the 1980's I was in a few bands in Omaha. It was an excellent artistic outlet and helped me through some tough late-teen years. I very much enjoyed meeting people on tour and writing songs. I played bass, my brother Jim Homan played guitar, Seth Kirchman our friend from Sioux City sang, and Mark Blackman played drums (except in the Circus Circus recordings, where Eric Ebers played). I dug out our old recordings last night and converted a few songs to mp3 format.

From our band CIRCUS CIRCUS:
Blonde Iguana
Hunk Of Merry Christmas,
From our band APATHY:
Know I in Friend
Circus Circus
After You
Out the Window
My World
Six Feet Under.

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Milton Stanley said...

I used to play bass in a few bands in the 1990s. I listened to "Blonde Iguana" and "Know I in Friend." They're both tightly played and well engineered. Thanks for sharing them.