Thursday, March 31, 2005

I Agree With Bush, But In Another Context

Today President Bush said: "The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak." This idea predates the Bible, but is also a major theme of the prophets of the Hebrew Bible. I totally agree with Bush's statement, only the president and I have very different ideas about what this means in terms of behavior. I think it means we should increase programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and that quality education, health care, and nutritious food should be free to all people in the world. His context refers to the life of one individual, who not-so-coincidentally happens to be a white woman in Florida. Remember all the Republican talk about State's rights during Segregation, well now that they control all three branches Federal law seems to be suddenly more important.


Editor B said...

Good observation.

But I ask: What do the weak have a duty to do?

Michael Homan said...

The obligation of the weak is to do their best.

Anonymous said...

absolutely. the strong protect the weak, not their own interests. but i suppose ideals would only work if our leaders weren't so darn human. our worse vice is the concept of self. I concur with you regarding the social welfare issues. I would also like to add that for what purpose is the pro-life policy, if the [teenage] mothers [and fathers] have almost no means of taking care for the child, i.e. Medicare. Also, I recently read in the Times Picayune that people were guestimating that come 2040-ish, there wouldn't be any more social security benefits, quite disgusting. So. much for pro-life.
Additionally, the piggy-back deMockracy in iraq is a shame to our nation...we have become the world's most powerful oppressor, one who is in more debt than ever. Taking down Sadam is merely a bully taking over the turf of another bully. "This land is our land, [and so is your land...]...I suppose.