Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Blogging next semester in Theology 1120: Intro to Biblical Studies
I feel using student blogs this semester helped the course overall. However, I want to tailor a blogsite to my class. I think I want a homepage for the course in which students must blog weekly about how they are proceeding on a course project. I would like them to be able to post comments on other blogs. I would like to be able to rate the blogs by most viewed and also be able to personally pick a blog each week for the other students to view. I would like for there to a section for course project, which will be how to improve the world, and also they could blog definitions for terms.I would like students to be able to click on other student's names and be able to read their blogs. I would also like a dropbox for assignments. The technology for this is beyond me at this point, so i'll ask Bart Everson for help. So what does that make in the end? A section where they must blog weekly updates on their improve the world project. A section on terms where they give definitions. And finally a section where they can post thoughts on the course. I think that for the readings in the course I'll have them write out answers to the questions and bring these to each class. Sorry trees. I'll ask Bart if he thinks there is a way around this.

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