Saturday, January 17, 2004

Why Trees Love Me
The first week of class for this semester is mercifully over. I'm thinking that having students blog is going to be a smashing success. In fact, this semester I am not going to hand out anything. The syllabus is online, as are all the readings not in the textbook. Study guides, paper guidelines, everything, it is all in blackboard. Also, to try to motivate the students to do the readings I am having them blog answers to specific questions before each class. This is taking the place of in class quizzes that I used to do, and even the blackboard quizzes I did last semester. I have the url's to the student blogs, and I've told them that for each class they need to blog at least 150 words. This weekend I'm swamped. There is an upcoming issue of Near Eastern Archaeology about food in the ancient Near East, and they've asked me to rapidly write 2000 words about beer in the ancient Near East. So that is what I'm up to right now, though I'm blogging because it is easier. Anyway, back to the topic. At least it is interesting. God, what if I had to write 2000 words about the vav consecutive?

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