Thursday, February 07, 2008

"A" Reform Ticket

You live in New Orleans, in Council District A (Shelley Midura's district), and you're a registered democrat, I'd like to ask you to vote for me and 13 other like-minded reform candidates this Saturday, February 9th. We're community leaders who were involved in the rebuilding of our neighborhoods and now we want to bring that same enthusiasm to building the local Democratic Party. You get to vote for 14 for the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee, and I'd like to recommend the following list of candidates:
Phil Costa
Lisa Gagliano Dawson
Karen Gadbois (Squandered Heritage)
Danny Hammers
Michael Homan
Alan Langhoff
Deborah Langhoff
Megan Langhoff
Kimberly Marshall (Dangerblond)
Andrew Pilant
Jack Sullivan
John Thibodeaux
Janis van Meerveld
Evan Wolf


Anonymous Howie Luvzus said...

Sorry Scooter,
I did my part. I voted for you twice and you're not even in my district.

1:03 PM  

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