Monday, February 18, 2008

I Still Miss My Father

My father William Homan passed away a year ago today. I sure do miss him, and I think about him several times a day. People have told me that this will pass in time. But for now he's often on my mind.

There is so much I wish I could tell him. He was very worried about me and my family after Katrina, and I know that our not being treated fairly by our insurance company troubled him greatly. I wish I could let him know that we are fine now, and that at last our house is being rebuilt. It will be such a great house when it will be done, and we hope to move back into it sometime this summer. I wish he could see the construction process. He was always a person who liked to build things. I know that he would also be very proud of his grandkids Gilgamesh and Kalypso. If my dad were still around we would also talk about the farm in Cedar Rapids that belonged to my Grandfather, than my father, and now to me and my siblings. We would also discuss Nebraska football, and after last year's abysmal season, I guess it's a blessing that he didn't have to live through that. Next year has to be better though, and I'm sure sad I can't share that with my father.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike my dad pass away this month in 1994. I still miss him very much and often wish he was here, so I could show him the good things and ask him what he thinks. I hope missing him never goes away.

Love you


11:36 AM  

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