Thursday, February 28, 2008

1% National Incarceration Rate

Back in 2005 my friend Bart lamented that the U.S. was approaching a day when 1% of our population was in jail. Well, sadly that day is today, or sort of, if you count only adults. Today I read that 1 out of every 99.1 American adults is incarcerated, and for African Americans the statistic is one out of every 15. Moreover, I live in Louisiana, the place with the highest incarceration rate in the world, a rate 62% above the national average. We seem to favor bombing countries over diplomacy, and locking people up instead of investing in education and rehab.


Anonymous Puddinhead said...

You know the old "Amuhrican" saying...."Education and rehab are for pansies. And Frenchmen...but I repeat myself."

9:26 AM  

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