Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Steep Price of Success in the Dome

This might seem like whining especially after 1200 season ticket holders lost their seats due to the moving of the press box, but still the increase in ticket prices is worth telling:

In 2006, the day the Saints signed Drew Brees, I bought season tickets in section 327. The price for two tickets: $800, or $50 per seat per game. That year Tom Benson said ticket prices would not go up. However the next year my bill was for $1000. The reason they gave was that we had to now buy tickets to the two preseason games, so still $50 per game but now two of the games were essentially practices. In 2008 and 2009 the price increased about $300 per year for the two seats. Now for the 2010 season, the same seats will cost $2000. That's $100 per seat per game. I am very much looking forward to seeing the championship banner hung in the Superdome, but I think this will probably have to be my last season as a ticket holder, because with the income of two teachers, we really can't afford these prices.


  1. Mike, it comes down to this: just how much do you love going to Saints' games? To make ends meet, you might have to consider being a gigolo. If you do, I gently recommend against the hot pink dress. But then again, who knows? It is New Orleans after all.

  2. Just think how many nice frocks you could buy with $2000!

    Maybe you should try a bolder colour and get away from the pastels...