Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back in the Saddle, Sort of

Monday, January 9th marked the first day that faculty at Xavier could come back to their offices. I did that with my daughter Kalypso and it was a pretty huge occasion. I saw many old friends and colleagues, and was able to clean my office and make sure some important external harddrives that I need for an Atlas that I'm working on were still there and functioning. All is well with my books and computer equipment it seems. There was mold on a few things but it will all work out. There is no internet access in my building yet. I hope they get that fixed very soon. For now, I have to go to the fifth floor of the library to use the Center for the Advancement of Teaching's internet. It wasn't working yesterday but today it seems to be fine.
I hadn't been in my office since I was there when the flood waters were all around New Orleans, on September 1st. Classes begin here one week from today, and I've got an awful lot to accomplish before then.


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