Friday, March 04, 2005

What a Theo 1120 Student Said of Me in the 1120 Blog

"I got into this class by mistake. I did not know there was an intro to biblical studies course at xavier. I thought all intro to theology classes were about intro to theology. I found out that there is a difference. One of my line brothers told me to take christian ethics because it was the easiest theology course so i tried to get into it but i couldn’t. So i finally went to class and found out who my teacher was, Dr. Homan. After the first class i was discouraged because it seemed like it would be a lot of work. I got even more discouraged when I found out he co-authored THe BIble for Dummies. My teacher really would know what he was talking about. The breaking point was when i looked on the blog page and noticed that one of my good friends had taken the class. I asked him about Dr. Homan. He literally yelled at me to get out of the class. He said its not worth the work. The blogs are very hard to do because you have nothing to write about after a while. but I couldn’t get out so I sucked it up and started reading the assignments."

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Cool. You're so computer smart.

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