Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Jazz Funeral for Democracy

On inauguration day, Thursday January 20th, there will be what looks to be an amazing event in New Orleans. It is a Jazz Funeral to protest the policies of the current US government. The event is called a Jazz Funeral for Democracy. I applaud whoever came up with the idea.

I'm encouraging my students to attend, and I posted the following notice on the course website:

A very important part of this class is the fact that biblical authors and many biblical prophets didn't just sit in their ivory towers and theorize. Instead they took action. I think there is a very important and educational event coming up in New Orleans on Thursday January 20th which fits in well with the course goal. The event is a Jazz Funeral for Democracy set to coincide with the inauguration of the president. I am not trying to preach to you my political views, but rather I feel the world is currently in a lot of trouble, and like a biblical author I want to voice my feelings and concerns for this country and the world. So I'll be attending this event and marching in this wake/second line in protest. I would encourage you to do the same if you feel so inclined. It looks very interesting, and is uniquely New Orleans. If you want to meet me there, I'll be in Congo Square (Armstrong Park) wearing a Xavier shirt. I might even make a sign. What this means is January 20th you'll still have to do the reading, but we will cover the discussion/lecture in class January 18th. The first Bible Mystery, then, will be pushed back to Tuesday January 23rd, with the second Bible Mystery staying the same, Thursday Jan 25th. If you have any questions email me or ask in class.


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This post was very interesting. I'd love to see more like it.

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