Monday, April 07, 2008

Some Rambling Thoughts on a Monday

My mind is all over the place today: taxes, contractor, Xavier committee work, termites, etc. I've been listening quite a bit to Warren Zevon in memory of Ashley. It's pretty great stuff. Amazing how you can be 40 something, know more than most about music, and have missed this. I've also been thinking about racism. Jarvis DeBerry had an excellent opinion piece in the Times-Picayune on Sunday. It focused on the trial of the Razzoo's bouncers and the failure of the police in the death of Levon Jones. The best quotation is "That's one of the unfortunate consequences of the trial having been moved from Orleans Parish to Calcasieu Parish. While it may have given the defendant access to an impartial juror pool, it also forced prosecutors to contend with jurors who implicitly trust the police." DeBerry goes on to explain why we in New Orleans don't trust the police. And on another topic, please please please I want to see David Vitter testify at the prostitution trial but I know he'll take the fifth. At least he's listed as a defense witness. And then in class today, when in a discussion about prophets trying to change their ancient world, my students asked me what I thought the greatest problem facing the world today. My answer: If it isn't Oprah, she's at least related to the biggest problem. My friends in the Congo, while you may eat magical pygmies, we in American are infatuated with the pregnant man on Oprah.

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  1. Whoa - looks like Oprah pulled the ripcord again.

    Caption: I should oscillate to about that size next week.