Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Louisiana state senator Ed Murray, who represented me and others very well I thought in our struggles with the insurance industry after Katrina, wanted to pass a bill making the Sazerac the official state cocktail. Senators from New Orleans, where the Sazerac was invented to become the world's first cocktail, voted for it, but were soundly defeated by rural Louisianian senators who felt it was inappropriate to honor an alcoholic beverage. Move to Utah teetotalling wussies. These are the same people who drink until they puke while visiting Bourbon Street, then go back home and preach about the evils of firewater. So tonight I'm drinking a Sazerac, or Sazeracs, as maybe I'll get drunk and think about my friend Ashley who loved life and will be buried on Friday. I make Sazeracs with Angostura and Peychaud bitters, Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, and Lucid Absinthe. I skip the sugar and sometimes add a lemon. Will this drinking damage Oprah's baby growing in me? Yes, darnit, it certainly will. I'm not fit to be a mom.

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