Saturday, April 19, 2008

Holy Grails and Protests

Sunday Archbishop Hughes will be celebrating mass at St. Louis Cathedral with a fancy chalice he received from the Pope. The Pope gave said holy grail to Hughes to acknowledge the challenges we've faced since Katrina. Challenges since Katrina? I wonder then if the chalice will look like this:

This of course reminds me of Belshazzar's Feast, when the Babylonians celebrated with chalices from the Temple in Jerusalem. Back then a hand wrote on the wall "Mine Mine Tekel uparsin." But this time around, the handwriting on the wall says "Not with flood, fire next time." This is because on Monday President Bush will be in the Big Easy, and we'll no doubt burn the city to the ground to protest. I don't think we'll be covered with insurance if we set the fire, so they're off the hook again.


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    President who? Is that cretin still claiming to be president?

  2. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Fuck the Pope! It is the highest form of blasphamy to claim to speak for God!

  3. Why would God not want to speak through people?

  4. Anonymous8:06 PM

    shut up God Boy!

  5. I guess I could shut up Anonymous. Then again, and I'm just saying, perhaps you could stop reading, and maybe even quit leaving comments. But if you've nothing better to do, or if you feel these comments are necessary to balance out my imbalance, than feel free to continue of course. All right then...