Sunday, April 20, 2008

Canada Day

Today Kalypso and I are celebrating Canada Day. Why not, ehhhhh? We've got our tickets to see Rush tonight, who, by the way, are donating $100,000 from tonight's concert to help us further with Hurricane Katrina recovery. They also rescheduled to play here after getting bumped by the Hornets last night, so they easily could have cancelled instead. So thanks Geddy, Alex, and Neil. In years past I would have joked that $100,000 Canadian equals about $4.50 U.S., but they're nearly equal for the first time in my life. So in some ways, my pacifist Canadian neighbors are profiting from the hawkish U.S. foreign policy.

But it might be impossible to celebrate Canada Day properly. In New Orleans it is very difficult to find poutine. Maybe I should knock on the door of the Rush tour bus, ehhhh?


  1. Nearly equal. Last month the Canadian $$ was worth more. I hope that you and Miss K had a good time and you found poutine.