Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Crunch Time
I just got two emails that said the same thing: "Not a lot of thought lately huh Mikey?" They were signed "Anonymous." I get these emails when people post comments to my blogs. So Mr/Ms. Anonymous, sorry to have let you down. Anyway, I've been crazy busy trying to get several writing projects and grant applications finished before I go to Indiana June 1 and then to the Middle East a week later. I did get my student evaluations back. Three of my four sections thought very highly of me, but my 8AM section of Prophets and Prophecy gave me the lowest evaluations I have ever received. They said I knew the material but had a problem communicating assignments to them and didn't communicate effectively. For these two categories, my scores were in the 2 range, with 3 being "good" and 2 being "fair." Anyway, that was a section from hell, and you can read about it in my previous blogs. I did learn quite a bit about teaching from that section, especially how to not let bad situations escalate. Now, Anonymous, sorry I can't write more, but I need to get back to my other projects.

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