Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Joe the Gator Didn't Care About Playstation Controls

Yesterday a giant alligator named Big Joe attacked an 11-year-old boy in Slidell Louisiana, and Big Joe pulled off the boy's arm. The boy astutely poked the alligator in the eye and escaped, and was rescued from the water by two sheriff deputies. The boy was transported to a New Orleans hospital by helicopter, and then some locals hunted down the gator, killed Big Joe, and cut open his stomach to retrieve the arm. They iced the arm down and then it was transported to the same hospital as the boy and doctors tried to reattach the arm. Sadly, they were not successful. When the boy saw his mother, he apologized for playing near gators, and was sad because he wouldn't be able to do so well on his Playstation game.

Things like this never happened growing up in Nebraska. Sure people lost their thumbs to snapping turtles, and just about every farmer I know has been hit by lighting, but to lose your arm to a gator? My thoughts and prayers are with this brave boy and his family. It's a miracle really that he's still alive.

Later Note: My cousin Bill just sent me this link. It's a product which allows one armed people access to video games. Take that Big Joe!


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